Free IT Network Assessment

Find Out How Your IT Infrastructure Stacks Up


Access Interactive will provide qualified organizations a free assessment to evaluate your IT network infrastructure.  If you are a small startup or a growing enterprise preparing to expand or upgrade — the value of exploring your network’s competencies along with any deficiencies can strengthen your environment as you prepare for next-generation computing.  We look at your equipment, performance, and interconnectivity in order to report credible data to guide you in an optimization strategy.  Your overall IT network infrastructure should alight with your business goals.  No matter how large or small your company, Access Interactive has the technical expertise and extensive industry experience to assess your needs and recommend solutions for success.

How It Works

When you sign up for a free network assessment, the Access Interactive team evaluates your IT network infrastructure.  We use advanced network analysis tools and software to analyze your environment and provide you with detailed reporting, providing valuable insight into the current state of your infrastructure.

We learn more about your IT hardware, performance, and inter-connectivity to build a clear overview of your current IT network infrastructure landscape.  We analyze your systems and software lifecycles and identify performance issues that can be improved.

What To Expect

Comprehensive network analysis performance reporting provides a guide to help you optimize spending and analyze opportunities for virtualization or expansion of your IT network environment.  It’s a seamless process that will collect server data including:

  • Disk Input/Output
  • Throughput
  • Capacity and Memory
  • Server Workload
  • System Capacities

A comprehensive network assessment can reveal key must-have facts about your current IT infrastructure.

What You Get

Access Interactive provides you with an easy solution to a complete network analysis, real-time reporting, and IT network infrastructure recommendations you need for the future. We help identify discrepancies, performance issues, resource overloads, and other potential concerns about your IT network environment.  Our comprehensive reports reveal some amazing results, and they are yours to study for the short and long term.

The Results

You will receive the information you need to establish, expand, or upgrade your IT network infrastructure for success.  You receive:

  • Access to Critical Metrics
  • Relevant Forecasting
  • Improved Business Operations
  • Optimized Environment for Increase Efficiencies
  • Improved Productivity
  • Cost Savings

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